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Caring for Leather

Leather lounges represent luxury and can be a statement piece in your home. To keep leather looking it’s best it does however need to be cared for. Leather is a skin and just like our skin it should be cleaned and moisturised. Oils from our own hands, dust and dirt from the environment can all damage leather.


Regularly dusting and wiping leather with a damp (not dripping wet) cloth helps to protect the leather. Use leather cleaners that have natural ingredients. Vacuuming with the soft brush attachment is also recommended to remove dirt and debris that may accumulate in crevices, around the buttons or under the cushions. Moisturise your leather twice a year to keep the leather soft and supple and help protect it from the environment. If your sofa is near a fireplace or in a sunny room the leather will need to be moisturised more often. Non-toxic moisturisers with natural ingredients can be purchased from most quality furniture stores.


For minor liquid stains, quickly soak up the spill by carefully blotting up the liquid with a clean white cloth. Let the area air-dry. If a liquid or other substance leaves a stain or water mark it is recommended that you contact a professional cleaning service.

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